The dos and don’ts while in Trogir – tourists’ advice

If you are planning to go someplace with amazing landscapes that leave you breathless, yet it is not too far away or too expensive, Croatia is definitely the answer for you. In the past years, this country has known an increase in the number of tourists due to its incredibly beautiful views and to the fact that most of the action from the worldly-famous TV series, Game of Thrones, was filmed here. Whether you opt for boat tours Trogir, or you are more into long walks on the beach, you will be impressed with the beauty of this country and will want to return as soon as possible. Here are the dos and don’ts every tourist should know when visiting this part of Croatia.

The dos and don ts while in Trogir tourists advice

Do consider taking the bus

In most European countries the railway is a no-brainer as it gets you around quite easily. In Croatia on the other hand, the lack of train service in the South part of the country is a major problem. Worth mentioning is also that this part of Croatia is one of the most visited by tourists. However, there is always an alternative and that is the bus. Do not be afraid of taking the bus if you want to travel from Trogir to Dubrovnik for instance, as this is probably the easiest way to get around. In a matter of a few hours only you will reach your destination.

Don’t be afraid of chartering a boat either

When in Croatia, it is strongly recommended to visit not only the continental part of the country, but also the surrounding caves and islands that will leave you mesmerized from the very first moments. In order to reach the Blue Cave for instance or any other cave in the region, the best option is to charter a boat. Enjoy paradisiacal swims in Croatia’s crystal-clear blue waters. Hire a boat to travel between islands and have the time of your life next to your loved ones. If you opt for ferries, make sure you check the schedule before you buy your tickets, as the north-south ferries for instance run only twice a week.

Do enjoy the local food

Many tourists who have already visited this country agreed that the food here is delicious, regardless of the place you decide to eat. Whether you prefer grilled meats, or you want to try the fresh seafood or some delicious Italian dishes, it is for sure that you will love the taste of the food here, not to mention that prices are quite affordable compared to other countries.

Don’t forget to take photos

You are visiting one of the countries with the most beautiful coastal sceneries in the world, so it will be such a shame if you do not take photos. It is best to take a DSLR camera with you to truly capture the essence and beauty of the place.

Plan your holiday in Trogir in spring or first month of summer, as during this period the temperatures are just perfect and the place is not that crowded as it is in August for instance.


Author: Nelson Rhodes

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