Places you must visit this year in the UK

When it comes to places to visit in Europe, the UK is one of the most common choice people make. Besides London, which has a large number of visitors every year, there are many places too that would definitely remain forever imprinted in people’s minds, and one of them is the Lake District. For this reason, this region has millions of visitors every year. In case this location is on your visit list too, you should start looking for cottages to rent in the Lake District. Other places, you need to visit when arriving in the UK are presented below.

The Lake District

This area is located in North West England and it has gained its popularity due to its outstanding landscapes. For this reason, millions of visitors annually visit it, which makes it one of the locations that must be on your visit list this year. Besides the numerous lakes that mingle perfectly with the mountain scenery, the Lake District has other tourist attractions that would make you fall in love with this region immediately. You can opt for horseback rides, or boat rides, depending on how adventurous you are. Moreover, the accommodation should not be a problem for anyone, because the region has various places from which you can choose what you need. From cottages to luxury hotels, the region offers accommodation places for any budget.

Places you must visit this year in the UK


This is probably the most well-known prehistoric monument in the entire world. For this reason, this should definitely go on your visit list. It is sited in Wiltshire, England and even though some might say there is nothing to see at a bunch of stones, they could not be any more wrong. This site is shrouded in mystery and it will immediately send you to a far-away land in times that are long gone. It is believed to have been built sometime around two or three thousand years BC, thus making this monument one of the oldest in the world. Many legends and myths have been said about this place, but you can only find out the truth if you visit this location.

Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

In case you are a “Harry Potter” fan, this castle should be on your visit list without doubt, because Alnwick Castle, located in Northumberland is the castle known in the film as Hogwarts. As a result, if you want to be part of a magical experience and visit the place where magic “is made” you should not miss this castle. You can enter the “Harry Potter world” and think you are one of the characters from the movie. The castle puts at its visitors’ disposal the possibility to visit the grounds and museum, but also the restaurant where they can have a good meal.

These locations are only three places that should go on your visit list this year. You would not regret adding them to that list, because, besides London, they are some of the places with which the UK has become most famous in the world.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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