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If you want to have a great vacation, you should know there are many wonderful places to visit in Europe. And since Europe has many countries rich in culture, history and architecture, you will surely find the best way to spend your time. Here you will find only some of the most important places which will make you turn back for more any time you want to travel through Europe.

Best places to visit in Europe Best places to visit in Europe Pictures

And we can not talk about Europe, without mentioning London one of the largest cities in Europe. Among the tourist attractions of London, you should definitely cross over Waterloo Bridge and go to the London Eye to see the view of Big Ben and the House of Parliament. You will be enchanted with the St James’ Park and if you choose to walk trough the park you will have the occasion to admire Buckingham Palace, the home of Queen Elizabeth II. Piccadilly Road is another way you should choose as it leads to Mayfair and Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street where you can find great places to start shopping around.

Best places to visit in Europe Best places to visit in Europe Pictures

And once in Europe, you should definitely take a few days in Paris, home of Tour Eiffel and Louvre. Walking round Paris is the best way to see all the wonderful sights and take a few pictures if you like. There are lots of places to visit in Paris, but you should start at the Arc de Triomphe and take in the view from the top. On one side you can see all the way to La Defense, the other to Le Louvre and beyond. If you want to see some great artwork, go into the Le Louvre and you will be amazed to see things will not see in another place. In Paris, you can also try to walk trough Les Champs Elysees and visit Notre Dame de Paris and the Latin Quarter which is always crowded with tourists. Paris is also a fashion capital of Europe, and there are many different boutiques where you can find the latest trends in fashion.

Best places to visit in Europe Best places to visit in Europe Pictures

Among many other great places to visit in Europe, you should also visit Rome, the capital city of Italy. Old Rome is where you will find great Renaissance architecture, coliseums, plazas and streets. The cathedrals and artifacts of the Vatican will offer you great sights and great pictures that you can bring home. You will find here impressive museums to visit and hear more about the culture of this country.

Spain is right next to France, so why not seeing this fabulous city as well. The Gothic architecture is a real breathtaking view in this country. The most amazing place to visit in Spain is Antoni Guadi’s Sagrada Fmilia church in Barcelona.

There are many more great places to visit in Europe that you will surely love to see.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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