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Places to visit in Boston

There are many interesting places to visit in Boston, and you should consider bringing the entire family with you if you decide on taking a few days to spend in Boston. Options abound and the tourist spots you can visit to enjoy yourself and your kids will turn for everyone into great memories. In order to be prepared for such an amazing trip you should read some car reviews in order to be able to rent (or buy if you are interested) a good car that can easily be driven in the city but which has also a lot of room for baggage. This will be very useful especially if Boston is only a stop on your road trip.

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Visiting Boston can turn into a nice trip for the entire family.  The first place you should go to is the Museum of Fine Art. In Boston you can find many world-class museums, among which we can mention the Harvard Fogg Museum, the Science Park, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and the Boston Beer Museum, but the Museum of Fine Art is offering to its visitors more than any other museum. It is the largest museum in Boston and among the largest in the US. It hosts an impressive collection of over 450,000 works, ranging from Egyptian sculptures to modern video installations. This museum gets over one million tourists every year. It has over 200 galleries and you can also find here the largest collection of Japanese art in the world. You and your family will be more than delighted to see so much culture and art alongside the great gardens which can be seen in this museum.

Places to visit in Boston Places to visit in Boston Pictures

Among other places to visit in Boston, you should not miss going with your children to the Boston Children’s Museum. Here you will find thousands of exhibits to see from culture, health & fitness to science. Your children will be amazed of so many things they can find out and learn about in here.

Places to visit in Boston Places to visit in Boston Pictures

The Old State House is another tourist spot which attracts many visitors every year. This place was a meeting spot where dignitaries of the state were hosted. Today, this building is a museum and has the significance of making the 1770 Massacre of Boston.

Places to visit in Boston Places to visit in Boston Pictures

If you want to see a house that is considered to be the oldest house around in Boston, you should go to Paul Revere House. This house belonged to Paul Revere, a patriot of the American Revolution. Now, the house represents a tourist attraction, where you can find all the belongings of the Revere family as furnishing inside the house.

Boston has a night life very exciting as well if you want to spend some moments in elegant restaurants or pubs. As a matter of fact here you can find the oldest tavern in the USA – Bell-In-Hand-Tavern which offers local music band, foods and drinks. f you took out advice and read car reviews in order to shop for a great car for a trip, you might want to leave that car at the hotel before heading for a pub. The Boston nightlife can be very entertaining. As you can see, this great holiday destination is suited for everybody and it is unlikely that you will ever get bored here.

Historic and private tours are available so you can choose one in order to make sure you have seen the most important places to visit in Boston.