Luxury water toys in Bali

Water toys have come a long way since the generic bath time rubber duck. For tech-loving travellers seeking their next thrill, the water sports business has a huge range of entertaining gadgets to make a splash on your next trip across the pond. As summertime approaches, book your luxury hotel in Bali, Indonesia and show off your skill in its picturesque water wonderlands. Here’s a list of some of the best luxury water toys making the headlines this season.

  • The JetLev-Flyer

Aim for new heights with the rocket-like super toy, JetLev-Flyer, a salt and fresh water friendly jetpack that will quite literally blow you out of the water. Manufactured exclusively by MS Watersports GmbH in Germany, the carbon fibre flyer can reach an altitude of up to 10 metres and top speeds of 75km/h, with a cruising duration of three hours. Not bad for 50,000 Euro. And that’s just the basic model. The JF-260 boasts a larger marine engine, allowing faster acceleration and impressive maneuverability, above and below the water. This water propelled gadget is shockingly easy to master, and GmbH customers will even receive training from a professional flight instructor to get you started. Why not showcase your new talent along the Balinese coast on Tanjung Benoa beach? Busy with watersport activity and colourful coral reefs, this beautiful stretch of open water is the perfect location to sample your flyer as you discover the underwater world.

  • Ego Semi Submarine

If you’re looking for a gadget with options, the South Korean designed Ego Semi Submarine is a definite crowd pleaser, offering hours of ocean fun with very little training. The award winning stylish and sustainable vessel is semi-submersible, with two floating platforms and a bottom compartment with panoramic windows to explore under the sea. The manufacturer, Raonhaje, will be raising the standards this year with the release of the Ego’s luxury edition, built specifically for mega yacht owners, featuring maximised viewing pleasure and enhanced devices. Discover the potential of your sub at the popular dive site, Tulamben Bay, on Bali’s north-east coast. Float around the wreck of the US war ship ‘The Liberty’, sunbathe amidst the waves and look out for the impressive whale sharks at the deep drop-off.

  • PowerSki Jetboard

Hopping on a surfboard has become a hugely exhilarating experience for luxury consumers. The innovative petrol powered PowerSki Jetboard provides a one of a kind water sports activity, combining 45 horsepower with 64km/h speeds, all at incredible ease. A masterpiece of engineering, the streamlined model weighs just over 80kg and is claimed to glide through the water better than any other board on water, tarmac and even snow. The design is multifunctional for wakeboarding use and is on the market for about 5,000 Euro. Satisfy your need for speed at Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, a rural limestone coastline surrounded by crystal beaches and cultural charm. Can you ride the world famous waves, Uluwatu and Padang Padang?

  • The Iguana 29

Even the best collection of luxury water toys wouldn’t be complete without a superyacht. The Iguana 29, created by French engineer Antoine Brugidou, is your ultimate performance cruiser, combining bespoke features with exceptional performance and remarkable ease of use. Equipped with a state of the art undercarriage system, the superyacht can tackle all terrains, reach speeds of 40 knots and carry a party of up to eight passengers. For an impressive 225,000 Euro, the glamorous Iguana 29 is a perfect luxury product for all ages and seafaring events. Moor up at Benoa, South Denpasar, take a leisurely cruise around the coast of Bali, or even discover the delights of surrounding islands Lombok, Sumbawa and Komodo.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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