Driving around the world? This is how to pick a travel car

You are keen on planning a trip around the world. And why should you not be? You have the chance to discover different cultures, not to talk about the amazing views. If you are going to travel around the world, for a year or less, get a good car. You do not have to invest in a brand-new one. An old one will do just fine. The car you have right now is not fit for such a mass transit. It is essential that you select the right vehicle. Keep on reading to find out what you should be looking for.

Driving around the world This is how to pick a travel car

Ground clearance

If you will travel across harsh terrain, make sure that the vehicle has ground clearance. Cars like the 2017 Toyota Camry have a good ride height, which means that they are able to avoid scratches. When adventuring across a desert, for example, you need to have enough space between the underside of your automobile and the terrain. Sure, a vehicle with low ground clearance benefits from increase in handling, but the height of the suspensions will have to be altered.


Comfort is very important when riding the world. You will be spending a great deal of your time behind the wheel, so you should better make sure that you will be well-off. Not all vehicle manufacturers have comfort in mind. They pay more attention to safety. Look for a ride that has comfortable seats. It does not matter how the seats are shaped, but how cozy they are. Leather seats are the most comfortable. And the most luxurious.

Fuel economy

Travelling across the globe is anything but cheap. One important expense you need to worry about is fuel. The more fuel efficient the automobile is, the less money will come out of your pocket. A fuel-efficient vehicle is expensive. However, even if the upfront costs are high, you will save money in the long run. The savings will not be visible immediately, but when you get back from your trip.


Tires are an important consideration because they ensure traction in bad weather conditions. If your choice is not an SUV, then it is necessary to have your ride fitted with road tires. Mud terrain tires are the best possible choice. They will keep you from getting stuck if you take your chances off the road. You do not need the biggest looking tires, just the most efficient ones.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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