Dream winter destinations in Europe

Winter is the season when many European countries become incredible destinations for those who love snow and breathtaking landscapes. If you have decided to choose Europe as your next winter destination, these are some of the most beautiful places where you can go. Of course, as a reminder, you should always have some liquid ice melt from Santander Salt with you, just in case you have to face an extra snowy day in the European mountains.


  1. Abisko, Sweden


This is a must visit for those who love winter at its best. This Northern location of Europe has a few weeks of complete darkness during December and January, but that just makes it the best place to witness the spectacular aurora borealis. In addition, this is where you can see the famous ice hotel and even spend a night if you are up for it.


  1. Rovaniemi, Finland


Known for being the home of Santa Claus, this beautiful destination will charm you from the first moment you see it. While here you can visit Santa in his home, take pictures with him. The Arktikum Museum will offer you an insight of how life is at these latitudes and the reindeers and cheerful atmosphere of the city will make for a wonderful holiday. This charming destination does not disappoint visitors who love winter and the spirit of Christmas.


  1. Transylvania, Romania


The source of many myths, this destination is full of surprises. You can visit Dracula’s Castle and medieval cities such as Sighisoara and Brasov, filled with incredible buildings and legends about Vlad Tepes or the famous Dracula. Some may say that is it better to see this region on Romania during summer, but if you really want to feel the traditional scare, the grey skies and heavy snow will definitely make for a successful holiday, one where you will be able to brag to your friends.


  1. Copenhagen, Denmark


If you are looking for a fairytale winter destination, this should definitely be on top of your priorities. The home of Hans Christian Andersen, this city really knows how to picture the spirit of Christmas. You will enjoy brings lights, cozy bars and restaurants and friendly people.


  1. Vienna, Austria


Few cities are more famous than Vienna for their Christmas decorations and charming Christmas markets. Whether you want to stay in this city for a week or just for a few days, you will definitely be impresses by everything you see here and return home with wonderful memories.


These are some of the best European winter destinations for those who want to take an unforgettable journey this cold season. Whether you are a fan of the city breaks or you wish to visit a more remote location and enjoy the best of winter, you will certainly love all these 5 beautiful destinations and everything they have to offer. They are great for anyone who wants to have a memorable road trip and enjoy the best of Europe during wintertime.

Author: Nelson Rhodes

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