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Best accommodation options in The Lake District

The Lake District is a beautiful mountainous region situated in the North Western part of England. Also known as The Lakes or Lakeland, this area is a genuine representation of unspoiled nature and breath taking landscapes. Given its multiple attractions, the region has become a popular holiday destination for those who want to spend some relaxing time in the middle of the nature. Famous for its large number of lakes (hence the name), forests and mountains, the location’s popularity is also due to the early 19th century writings’ of William Wordsworth. The Lake District is perfect both for adventure and family trips, since it provides a wide array of leisure activities. From fishing to swimming and water sports, these are all available in a full travel package. If you are interested in exploring the area, rest assured because there are plenty of accommodation options available. Here are some of the most popular:

Best accommodation options in The Lake District

Luxurious hotels

Given the fact that it is internationally recognized for its beauty, The Lake District hosts annually a wide number of tourists from many parts of the world. This has attracted a number of investors, which is why all the facilities in the area have developed a lot lately. Accommodation is no exception, so those who are looking for a natural, relaxing and luxurious journey in the Northern part of England will find here the most exclusivist 5 star hotels Lake District.


Bed & breakfast and inns

In case you are looking for a more laid back type of accommodation or your budget does not allow you to check in at a luxurious hotel, you should know that you can also enjoy your trip if you choose a B&B (bed and breakfast) type of accommodation. This means that you are going to stay in a guest house or inn, which ensures you have a place to sleep and one meal a day – the breakfast. This option is way more affordable and convenient that staying in a hotel – you can create your own schedule, without any restrains, and also live in a friendly customised environment.


Villa rentals

This possibility is the best choice you have if you plan to stay in The Lake District for a limited period of time. It ensures comfort, convenience and quality, since you rent a completely furnished house or apartment from a land lord for a limited timeframe. There, you will find everything you need, which means that this option is the perfect alternative to staying in a luxury hotel.

Holiday cottages and campsites

Taking into consideration that The Lake District is a natural destination that gives you a genuine glimpse of unspoiled landscapes, you also have the possibility to get accommodated in a cottage or a camping site. These organised caravans offer tourists the opportunity to enjoy nature in all its splendour, while also staying in the most comfortable conditions. If you are used with mountain hikes and you are happy with nothing more than the basics, then you are welcomed to stay in a quiet place, surrounded by mountains. You can also choose a more luxurious alternative – there are plenty of cottages, for any budget and preferences.