Amazing roads to discover with the Hyundai Santa-Fe

Traveling can easily turn from a pleasant activity you get to enjoy every once in a while to a real hobby, a true passion. Sometimes, it is not even the destination that is the most exciting of all but the road. At least this is what some truly passionate travellers have discovered. Of course that for such travels you need the right car. Otherwise, you might not get the full taste of the experience. The 2017 Hyundai Santa-Fe is the ultimate vehicle to hop on, the car that will take you in an adventure of a lifetime. Now that you have the car, how about the journey? Where would you choose to take the Santa-Fe for a journey? Here are three interesting recommendations. Maybe you might find one that is appealing to you.

Amazing roads to discover with the Hyundai Santa-Fe

The Million Dollar Highway, USA


The United States of America has really made a habit from surprising the world. However, while some surprises may end up being less welcomed, this road is something out of a Hollywood movie. It is incredible what scenery awaits you from Ouray to Silverton, Colorado. The funny thing is that this part of the actual road is not even that large, so you’d best keep your camera prepared and be ready to stop a lot on the road.


France’s amazing road: Route de Presles


Traveling gets so much better when taken abroad and France can really make an impression. If there is one thing that this country is incredibly good at, then that would have to be scenery. This country can create an incredible illusion that you are in a fantasy world. The best way to convince you of this fact is taking a drive with the Hyundai Santa-Fe of course on a road called Route de Presles. Tunnel after tunnel, the scenery will unveil itself, allowing you to get a better sense of the beauty of this county and most specifically this road.


Portugal’s Estrada Nacional 222


Back in 2015, this road was named the most beautiful road in the world. That has to mean something. This should be at least one good reason to go hop in the Santa-Fe and find your way to this road. Seeing its beauty will certainly convince you that you made the right choice visiting it. Plus, this road will take you through the Portugal’s northern wine area, so making stops does sound appealing. You might even bring home a few souvenirs.


Author: Nelson Rhodes

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