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A honeymoon cruise


When planning a wedding an important aspect should be the honeymoon destination. The wedding is over and the new family does not even have the time to realize that now they are married. Many of them were too busy planning their wedding, and forgot about the honeymoon. For a just married couple a cruise is a perfect option for the honeymoon, but if they didn’t booked something before the wedding they may think that is impossible to reach that perfect destination they have in mind. Some of them do not know about the existence of last minute cruises, and choose to go by plane in only one of the places they wanted to see during a cruise. The lucky ones can pick one of the following perfect honeymoon cruises.

a honeymoon cruise

Caribbean cruise

Caribbean cruises are perfect for the ones that love music and dance, tranquil waters as blue as the sky and breathtaking landscapes. Caribbean is also interesting from the historical point of view, and its captivating stories wait to be discovered. The culture of Caribbean is overwhelming, the heart of the tourist will pump Zumba beats and the years will enjoy the local music. The young lovers will relax on the white-sand beaches and will discover the mysterious Mayan ruins. If they have an adventurous spirit they will discover an amazing lush rainforest, enormous waterfalls and will swim beside the sea turtles.


Norwegian Fjords Cruises

For the ones that just love cold weather the mysterious land of Norway, full of soaring peaks, glaciers and waterfalls may be the perfect honeymoon destination. During the cruise the ship will stop in different ports throughout the region and the travelers could enjoy the deep water, alpine landscapes and timber houses. For a stunning view the tourists should sail to the foot of the Skageflå Mountain to see the Geiranger Fjord.


Mediterranean cruises

If the young couples is interested in the ancient ruins of Rome, or the architecture of Barcelona a Mediterranean cruise is the best option. Also, in this type of cruise Turkey, Greece and the Holy Land can be visited. It is a region where fragments of the stories of ancient gods are found all around the Greek islands and the medieval walled cities of the Adriatic or the caves of the Ionian Sea wait to be discovered. One amazing town to visit during the Mediterranean honeymoon cruise is Santorini, with its amazing view of the ocean, black beaches, and beautiful cliffs.


Cayman Islands cruise

The Cayman Islands are perfect for a honeymoon because of the most spectacular drop-offs, and world class spa. One of Cayman’s attractions is the Stingray city where huge community of people-friendly stingrays which swims among visitors. One of the most beautiful drop-offs is the Bloody Bay Wall. Going to Grand Cayman on a cruise offers the tourists a submarine shore excursion to explore the Grans Cayman’s Underwater Marine Park. There can be seen huge barrel sponges, star coral reef, stingrays and turtles.


When planning a honeymoon, a cruise should always be taken into account because while travelling on sea the new wife and husband get to know each other better. Either if they are sun lovers or not a cruise is always a good option to travel and have fun during the honeymoon.